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We know what we do, and we do it well….the first time!

Closed for the winter ~ Re-opening March 2018.

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Since 1999,

Out on a Limb Landscape Services has been giving gardens throughout the Port Angeles and Sequim area individualized maintenance services such as seasonal planting & pruning, soil enhancement and design modification. We specialize in restoring neglected gardens and renovating old ones.

We understand the unique microclimates and gardening challenges of the Pacific Northwest.  We can guide you to many of the best gardening products, nurseries, hardscape suppliers and garden accessory sources throughout the Pacific Northwest area.

We know what to do and we do it well …
the first time!!


What we’re really excited about
is our new

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Garden Coaching And Consultation


To help the Port Angeles & Sequim DIY gardener on a budget. We can answer a specific question or help you develop a solution to your gardening needs at an affordable price because you do the work. To schedule a consultation or coaching session, or just to talk with us,

Call Sharin Lester at:  360.460.3469 – or – Call Kristina at:
Email Kristina at:  OutOnALimb@olypen.com


Looking out my back door


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Out on a Limb Landscape Services

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To learn more about solutions to some of the challenges of Northwest and Olympic Peninsula gardening, check out our Musings from the GardenTo see more gardens, go to the Garden Gallery.


Kristina’s Garden


 Fall Colors

Its all about color and texture!

Euphorbias, Heather & Helichrysum

It’s all about color and texture!



The sounds of moving water…

Moving water adds to the serenity of a garden.

Water Feature


 … enhance the serenity of the garden




It is easy to create sacred spaces in gardens…

In the Buddhist tradition, Jizu are the protectors of children, women and travelers.

In the Buddhist tradition, Jizu are the protectors of children, women and travelers.

 …they are sacred by nature!




Eddy & Buddha meditate on a warm summer's day.

Eddy & Buddha meditate on a warm summer’s day