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My Journey

About Me

imagesCALZ370NBy Kristina Lawrence, Owner of Out On A Limb Landscape Services, Inc.

One of my earliest memories is of planting primroses with my mother in the front yard of our home on West 5th Street in Port Angeles. I was probably 6 years old.

I have forever loved the feel of my hands in the earth & the pulsing of  life in the roots, leaves and flowers of the plants I’ve held.

Over the years I always had gardens and plants to tend. Vegetables & fruits to feed my family and flowers & shrubs to feed my soul.  It never occurred to me to get a formal education in horticulture or botany. I just created and cared for gardens wherever I went and learned the lessons they had to teach. I lived close to the land, worked in the forest, walked on the beach, chopped wood and carried water.images

When I finally did go to college in my 40’s, I became a social worker. After a few years I realized I wasn’t suited to that occupation.  I needed to get my hands dirty. So I became a recovering social worker; and of course the best place for my spirit to recover was in my garden.

imagesCA6XKIBOPretty soon friends were asking me to help them in their gardens and … one garden led to another. In 1999, while standing 25 feet in the air on the limb of a tall hemlock tree, I decided to start my own business. I would call it Out on a Limb Landscape Services .. because I figured anyone who owned their own business was out on a limb!  In all years since I have not once regretted that decision.

We are a small company; we don’t do the big jobs with the big machines. We have built a solid

Always a gardener at heart .. just had the clothes wrong!

Always a gardener at heart .. just had the clothes wrong!

reputation for being reliable, knowledgeable, hardworking and just plain fun to have in your garden

Whether helping you design a new landscape, reclaim or renovate an old one, plan &/or install vegetable beds, raised beds, berry patches &/or fruit trees,  imagesCABYPTTGOut on a Limb is willing to listen to your desires & suggest ways to make them a reality. We are committed to helping the home gardener be successful and having the home garden be an asset as well as a thing of beauty!

Give us a call to find out what Out on a Limb can do for you &  your landscape.

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We know what to do and we do it well .. the first time!